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Eyes and Brows

Transform Your Look with Our Lash Services

Before your upcoming lash extension appointment, we encourage you to explore our curated selection of lash designs below. Your ideal lash look is a unique reflection of your personal style, and we want to make sure we create the perfect look just for you!
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Get the Perfect Lashes You've Always Wanted

Artist's Choice

Want a mix or something entirely unique? Speak to us and we’ll customise a look tailored for you.

Theia (Goddess of Light)

Want to enhance your natural lashes subtly? Ideal for those seeking a more understated chic look​.
  • Combination of curls to create texture

  • Narrow fans

  • Customisable wisps

Angelia (Goddess of Angels)

Want to achieve that unforgettable dreamy look? Ideal for those wanting the textured wet look. 
  • Combination of curls to create texture

  • Narrow-closed fans 

  • Medium-long wisps

Astria (Goddess of Stars)

For those who don't like the dramatic wispy look but still want the textured effect.
  • Textured med-full volume

  • Wide fans used to create volume

  • Closed-narrow fans used as 'wisps'

Sila (Goddess of Strength)

For those who love to stand out! Ideal for those that want that dramatic depth and fullness.
  • Full volume

  • Wide fans 

  • Short-medium wisps

Gaia (Goddess of Earth)

If black is too much then opt for our brown lashes. Ideal for those seeking an effortless look with natural volume lashes.
  • Dark brown lashes

  • Narrow-wide fans 

  • Customisable wisps



The photos provided are intended solely to showcase the design and potential effect of our lash extensions. The actual appearance of the extensions, once applied, will vary based on individual factors, including the length, thickness, and curl of each client's natural lashes. As such, the final result may differ from the images shown. We prioritise creating a look that harmonises with and enhances each client's unique eye shape and natural lash profile.

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